Weekly Emails

Each of our emails include special limited time savings on meals, drinks, events and more. These discounts are only available to you as a BrioClub© member so check your in box each week to see what’s new and hot at BrioClub©.

Priority Reservations

As a member of the BrioClub© you are always guaranteed priority seating on peak nights based on availability.

Special Order Wines by the Case

Now this one is a keeper. We all love great wines. As a BrioClub© member we’ll use our special buying power to purchase any wine for you by the case. Your price is our cost plus 10%. Now that’s a deal that even Costco can’t beat.

Exclusive Invitations

Wine tasting events, special dinners, private concerts and access to BrioClub© only services and events.

Access to House Account Signing Privileges

Just like in the days of the Rat Pack you are an honored guest at Brio Tuscany Grille. Based on approved credit, as a BrioClub© member you will have the ability to sign for your checks and be billed on a monthly basis. No more digging through your pocket for a credit card or cash. Your credit is good with us.

Once again, thank you for joining our family. We’ll see you on the dance floor.